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I am thrilled to be opening my first on-line shop. If you like colourful, happy art and design, then I think you will be glad you stopped by. I have had a great response to the idea of animating my art in the form of clothing. It's pretty cool to see your work come to life, "literally". I am keeping busy creating, exhibiting new works and designing wearable items. Bear in mind though, this is not the place to visit if you don't like to "pop out of a crowd" because this art wear refuses to be subdued. I have recently learned about a phenomenon called "cognitive dissonance", which basically means "fake it until you make it". It's the same principle as smiling when you feel down; eventually, your body believes your facial muscles and body language and before you know it, your attitude shifts to match your sunnier behaviour.  I believe the same thing goes for how we dress. If you wear happy, bright and eye-catching colours, your mood will also become brighter, along with your surroundings.

I hope you check-in with me from time to time to see and catch up on my adventures in bringing life to whimsical art. You can always sign-up for my newsletter, and also to find out about upcoming shows and events. In the meantime, keep looking on the brighter side - I will be right there beside you!



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