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Mad About Art? Me Too.

On February 23 through 27, I will be in my element (literally) surrounded by the diverse forms of expression of over 250 artists. The Artist Project takes place in the vast halls of the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place, and showcases the original contemporary art of local and international artists. Established for 10 years, this prestigious show is well-attended by collectors, curators, designers and gallerists and features an Early Access Preview and an Opening Night Party.  I am always struck by the individuality of each artist's work. Have you ever been to a class where you have been asked to paint or draw an object and then afterwards looked at everyone else's rendering? Not one is exactly alike. Though we all often look at the same things, our different angles and perspectives cause each of us to interpret what we see in our own unique way. The art we create is a lot like our fingerprints; there is not another exactly like it, nor will there ever be. That's the beauty of original art. I am truly looking forward to the experience and to being inspired by the art and wonderful people I will meet.  

Like the One of A Kind Show, this is a ticketed event and having recently received my exhibitor's discount code, I am pleased to pass it along to anyone who is looking for a cultural retreat in the city. Please, feel free to share the discount. It's a great way to transcend the winter blahs for a few hours. And, if you do choose to visit us, I will be at booth 637. Look for three giant walls of happy, whimsical art and that's where you'll find me. Come out and say hello!

To purchase tickets to any of the show events click here and enter discount code: TAP10YRS at checkout.


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