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Summertime Stuff and Losing My Gall


Having just finished Toronto's Riverdale Artwalk show, I am gearing up for my last two of the summer. This is only one aspect of my summer plans, which will include working in my outdoor studio, driving my son to various day camps, a quick vacation out west and presenting an art program at a summer camp for children and teens on the autism spectrum. Oh, and let's not forget gallbladder removal surgery!

Romantika Concert & Art Exhibit a Success!

The May 6 Romantika show at Gallery 345 for which Trio Incontro and I had been preparing for many months went off without a hitch and was well attended. Romantika Violin sold to a very good home!


Can you believe it? It’s nearly Summer Solstice!

Saturday, June 24th, from 11 am-9 pm I will be participating in the very first Art Market as part of the Junction Solstice Festival along with 23 other members of local arts group, “The Art Tour Collective” who has held an annual art tour in the west end of Toronto (High Park/Bloor West/The Junction) every summer for the past 20 years. This is the group’s first foray into the joys of outdoor art shows, which can be wonderful if the weather cooperates, and soggy and disappointing if it doesn’t. Whatever the weather (unless there’s lightning, of course) we will be there taking in the sights and sounds of this very popular annual festival in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto (Dundas St. W. and Keele). If you’re in town, pop by!

That's Some Gall You Have

If you're squeamish, you might not want to read this segment, but since I write about myself as a whole person (and not just about my paintings), I would be remiss if I didn't comment when I lose an actual part of myself. It seems to me that the things I worry about in life usually never come to pass. The most daunting things come completely out of left field. For example, last Tuesday I had plans to paint all day in my studio. Instead, there I sat attached to an intravenous drip in Toronto Western Hospital, watching all of the emergency ward madness through a medicated haze. I witnessed a half-naked, handcuffed, ankle-shackled man swearing at two accompanying police officers, an elderly woman belting out Russian folk songs and a young woman with no obvious injuries screaming at the top of her lungs. After 8 hours of watching this circus, waiting to hear about the fate of my inflamed gallbladder, a surgeon finally told me that it "has to come out". No surprise, since many relatives' gallbladders have conked out at age 50. My options were a) Go home loaded with medication and book surgery for August or b) Sit around for 48 hours or more until there was a surgeon available. August it is. So here I sit writing, feeling bruised inside, but grateful for many things. Grateful for painkillers and antibiotics (thanks Alexander Fleming), grateful for minimally-invasive keyhole surgery that removes troublesome organs we no longer need and grateful that  4 years of indigestion, pain and picky-eating will finally come to an end this rainy summer. Amen!

On the Road Again

This summer, my family and I will take a journey out west to Calgary and Vancouver. I haven’t been in over 20 years, so I’m super excited. Our son seems to think that the United States “is more beautiful than Canada” so we want to broaden his perspective by taking him to Banff, Lake Louise, the Okanagan Valley and all the touristy stops in between.  I will be armed with my camera and sketch pad so stay tuned for photos and paintings inspired by Western Canada in my fall newsletter. We will also make a side-trip to Ottawa for an annual family summer BBQ hosted by my cousin.

It's the one time of year where all family members make their best effort to show up!

The Shops at Don Mills – Ontario’s First Urban Village

On August 18 through 20 I will be one of the 100 artists exhibiting at Art In the Square, located in the main square of the Shops at Don Mills (1090 Don Mills Ave at Lawrence Ave. West), an upscale, outdoor mall, the first of it’s kind in Canada. It has a tonne of great shops surrounding a town square for community events, a wide variety of outdoor/indoor dining and even an ice-rink in the winter. I participated in this show last year on what was arguably the muggiest weekend of 2016. We experienced relentless heat and humidity, intermittent heavy rain and hurricane conditions that took down many of our tents around ( mine included). However, the show must go on and we survived, sales were made, fun was had and I have signed up to do it all again this year, including the life-sustaining Lindt chocolate ice slushies! This event is totally worth the visit if you are in town that weekend.

Special Art Camp with Special Kids!



Some of you may know that I am studying towards becoming an art therapist. This summer I am being given an opportunity to exercise what I have learned so far at a summer camp in North York. I am really looking forward to painting with children and teenagers on the Autism Spectrum and helping them develop expression through creativity. I will include photos of that happy event in my next newsletter.

Thanks for signing up for my newsletter and reading this far!  I hope you enjoy my latest paintings and newly designed merchandise and wish you a wonderful, happy, safe and creative summer!



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