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Wearable Whimsical Art

Now my art is literally "off the wall".  I've chosen some of my favourite paintings to create colourful, decorative, functional items and wearable art that goes out with you, brightens you up, starts conversation and reveals your true colours.

As a visual artist for the last 20 years, "how do I colour my world even more?" is a constant question in my mind.  One way I've found is to take my art beyond the canvas.These are fashion and functional items that are created from the designs in my original paintings; colour doesn't only have to be for the wall. Whether it's the Eiffel Tower, a European village, or a simple, colourful scene, everything in this shop was first an original painting. 

Choosing specific paintings that I feel will work well in functional forms, my art is then redesigned. All items are guaranteed and ethically sourced and manufactured with exceptional quality in Canada.This is a new and exciting venture for me. I hope that colourful art lovers will see this as an extension of my canvases and enjoy this as a tactile way of experiencing it.